Feminsure is a registered business name of InvestInsure Group Pty Ltd ABN: 56 762 085 493 Corporate Authorised Representative No: 438472 of The Financial Link Group Pty Ltd ABN12 055 622 967 Australian Financial Services Licensee No. 240938

Full details of TFLG can be found at their website

Feminsure employs individual advisors who are licenced to TFLG.

If you have specific concerns regarding your privacy that relate directly to personal insurances, financial planning, or wealth management issues this privacy statement applies to these circumstances.

In order to comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act, we are required to advise you that this firm may hold personal information about you. The information has been and will continue to be collected by us for the purpose of providing you with financial services including:

  • The recommendation of any personal insurances;
  • The preparation of your financial plan;
  • The provision of wealth management advice to you;
  • Making securities and investment recommendations;
  • Reviewing your financial plans;
  • Reviewing securities and investment recommendations; and
  • For other related matters. We are required, pursuant to the Corporations Act, certain regulations issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to collect information about you for the purpose of providing you with the services referred to above. If you do not provide us with the information requested by us we may not be able to provide you with the services required. We will from time to time disclose information about you to authorised representatives of this firm and to other professionals, insurance providers, superannuation trustees and product issuers in connection with the purposes detailed above. As part of our review process, or as part of our consideration of your plans and construction of your Wealth Management Plan and our advice, we will discuss your situation with staff of our associated firms. In the event we consider it necessary to use or disclose information about you for purposes other than those detailed above, or related purposes, we will seek your consent. We DO NOT sell mailing lists.

How do we handle a request for access to personal information?

Under the National Privacy Principles you are generally entitled to access the information we hold about you. Where you are entitled to access, the time we require to give you access will depend on the type of information requested. If we can, we will answer your question immediately. We will also try to answer you in the same way that you ask, for example, if you telephone to ask for the information we will, if practicable, give you that information over the telephone. We will generally respond to a written request in writing.

Sometimes, we will ask that you put your request in writing, for example, where you want copies of material or access to older information or files which are not current or it is necessary for us to retain a record of your request.

We may also ask you to identify yourself to our satisfaction.

In some circumstances, we may charge a fee for giving you access, which will vary but will be based on our costs (internal and external) in locating the information and the form of access you require. If we propose to charge a fee for giving access, we will give you an estimate of the fee so you can confirm that you still want us to give you access to the information. We do not impose any charge for lodging a request for access.

If we are entitled under the National Privacy Principles to refuse to give you access, we will tell you and provide reasons.

What if some of the information we hold is wrong?

Please tell us. We want our records to be accurate, complete and up to date. Unless we disagree with you about the accuracy or completeness of a record, we will generally correct it on request, (or suggest alternative arrangements for updating our records). If we disagree with you, we will give you our reasons.

How do I make further enquiries or complain about a breach of privacy?

If you require more information about the way we manage personal information or wish to make a complaint about a breach of your privacy, please contact us (see below for details) and ask to speak to the Managing Director, who is responsible for privacy issues.

How can I contact Feminsure?

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Mail: P.O. Box 4138, Geelong VIC 3220

Telephone: 1300 feminsure (1300 336 467)

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to review and amend this Privacy Policy from time to time and to notify you by posting an updated version on our website at